About Aliran Foundation

Our foundation Aliran Tenaga Dalam shares the healing qualities, arts and crafts of Indonesian culture.

We work with traditional techniques for wellbeing from Java and the mysticism of nature.

Always in respect of tradition, we apply the techniques in a practical way, suitable for modern day life.

Through teaching and individual guidance we help you to build inner strength (Tenaga Dalam), in order to improve health and

stability. We adjust our program to your individual needs, while relying on our four principles: grounding, safety, respect and hospitality.


Meet us

You can find us in intimate settings as well as on busy festivals, to share our hands-on knowledge in workshops, trainings and lectures. Are you interested to receive our unique training in your own country? Please contact us to explore possibilities.

You are also welcome to take a look at our webshop where you find handmade products to recover inner strength.